Open Source Intelligence

COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS: As a leader in open source intelligence research iBRABO goes beyond the ability to extract vital intelligence from OSINT and SOCMINT sources. We also develops tools and techniques to enhance our capabilities to recover and analyze information.

TRAINING:We have provided training and consulting services to government and police agencies around the globe.

Risk Monitoring

RISK MONITORING:  As global conflict evolves your ability to mitigate risk should too. iBRABO offers the ability for real time monitoring of events and locations around the globe. Additionally we can conduct detailed open source examinations of employees for potential risks to your organization.

SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING: Looking to engage with social media monitoring, let us help select the most appropriate tool for your needs. 

Countering VIolent Extremism and Terrorism Online

For many government and law enforcement agencies the growth of ISIS and other extremist groups online has overwhelmed resources in responding to the threat. As specialists who have followed the evolution of terrorism via the internet and social media for over 10 years we can assist agencies in identifying and responding to potential threats.


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